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"Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a graphic artist."

"I was born in New Jersey. I said it before, but I guess nobody heard me." ~ Ice T - That's How I'm Livin

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I was born in Englewood, New Jersey. No matter how much I hate living here, I can't honestly say I hate New Jersey. I've said it before, there are only two places I'll live. New Jersey and California. I don't hate New Jersey at all, I just hate not living in California. So regardless of where I live, New Jersey will always be a part of who I am.

"Hmmmm what can I say about Jamie, well I think he's a righteous dude."
Olga "Zombiegirl" Jackson

So I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in California. San Diego, to be exact. Paradise. The best place to live. Warm weather all year round and hot girls everywhere. The beaches are free and the people are cool. My parents had split up and my mom remarried and my step dad joined the Navy and moved us to San Diego. The first place we lived in San Diego was in Imperial Beach. A border town just across from Tijuana. Ah the memories of border patrol choppers flying over my house every night and illegals running between the buildings trying to make a break for it. Magic times. At that time, I got big into break dancing. I loved it, despite being made fun of it for many years. Still love it, It's one of my favorite forms of dance, altho I can't do it anymore. Dancing is part of the musical me. I love to dance. Love to goto clubs. Pop, house, techno, trance, rock, anywhere with loud music and fun people. Well, not anywhere. I absolutely can't stand country music and especially hate classic rock. Don't argue with me about it. I don't care if people think there'd be no metal without classic rock.

Having mentioned music, my favorite form of music is Metal. All forms of metal and hard rock. I won't get into bands here, but you can check out My Sounds to get an idea of the music I love.

"Jamie is someone you don't just meet, but connect with on so many amazing levels...and will always want in your life, forever."
Dana Trejo

So back to growing up. My teenage years, and roots of my metal years, were spent growing up in Murphey Canyon Navy housing. The experiences I had in the 8 years in housing were some of the best of my life, good and bad. The bad - drug deals and gang fights to wife swapping, adultery and child abuse. The good - street football, throwing news papers at the ice cream man as he drove by (sorry He-Man), junior high and high school, all in the same town. That in itself was a rarity, since families were always getting transfered in and out. I barely remember most of the people I knew back then. Mostly because we just grew up having people come and go so much, you just end up forgetting most of them. Not to mention all the concerts.

"Jamie is RAD. Nuff said. :D"
Jacqueline Kleinstra

After my step dad retired from the Navy, my parents decided to move to Pennsylvania. That left me with no where to live, so I had to move back to New Jersey. Spent another 8 years in NJ and finally got up and made my move home back to San Diego. About 6 or 8 months before moving, I found out that the LA metal radio station, 105.5 KNAC, had started a website where they were streaming metal online. KNACLIVE.COM. I instantly found them and started listening to awesome selections of metal without any of the shitty radio station crap. KNACLIVE had a chat room, and since I've been heavily into computers since my Commodore 64 days, I jumped right on into chatting. Before this I ran my own IRC channel for about a year, so this was even better. Metal music chatting with metal fans. how great?! About a year after the site got off the ground, they dripped the LIVE part of the name and KNAC.COM took off. SO did the chat room. I not only met a shit ton of cool metal fans and freaks, I met a bunch of people who would become my best friends to this very day. So once again, metal had a huge impact on my life.

Having lived in Paradise again for several more years, life decided to try to beat me down and took my jobs away, so once again I had to move back to New Jersey. That was in 2003 and I've been here ever since, however I still have my eye on moving home for good. Wish me luck.

"Jamie is probably one of the best friends you could ask to have. Not only is he insightful but is willing to stop whatever he's doing to talk to you, no matter what the subject is. It has been an extreme privilege to know him for the last 10 years."
Terry "PopStar™!!!" Foley-Schwartz

Metal. An integral part of who I am. My first concert was Iron Maiden - Somewhere On Tour, supporting the album Somewhere in Time. How epic is that for a first concert? From then on we'd see every band that came to town, and at that time, it was all sports arena shows. After a short while I became a photographer and started shooting bands as a hobby, but with professional gear. You can see some of my shots in My Sights. To this day I still go to as many shows as I can.

Another integral part of who I am is the artist in me. I am a professional photo retoucher. That means I am the guy who makes all those glamourous people look good. literally. For a while I worked on Conde Nast Publications. If you don't know who they are, they're the owners of Details, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Vogue, Mademoiselle and a shit ton of other titles. I did retouching on images in all of their titles, and specialized in cover shots and layouts. So yes, I literally make the pretty people look pretty. I've worked in many shops and companies over the years, and now I own my own company called Selective Color. I do photo retouching, page layout and design and website design. You can visit my company site by clicking on the link at the bottom of any page on this site.

"From the KNAC.COM chatroom gatherings with the Darksider cry, "DO IT DOUUUUUUUUG", to 6 hour conversations in whatever parking lot the evenings festivities were happening, to the banter of Raider fan vs.Charger fan, one cant put a price on such moments but I can say those moments are why we will be friends till the end.. If it sounds gay, it probably is, thats just how we roll... lol"
Douglas Jones

Why Darksider (and the DarkJamie variation)? Easy. It's a star wars reference. A Darksider is a dark Jedi. Someone who channels the dark side of The Force. The name came about in the mid 90s. When I got my first internet connection back in the day, the only provider available was AOL. So, I painfully subscribed and paid the $3 an hour to do my web stuffs. One of the things I have always enjoyed is chatting. The first thing I did was join a Star Wars group and a bunch of us chose Star Wars names and would role-play online. Kind of silly, but kind of fun. While trying to find user names that weren't already taken, the first thing I tried was Darksider. That failed, so I went with JE Chewie (back then you could have spaces in AOL names). Chewie for Chewbacca, obviously. Anyway, that whole thing was very short lived. After about 4 or 5 months, with 2 $400 AOL bills, I was quite happy to find that Earthlink set up a server near my house. I instantly dropped AOL and signed up with Earthlink and got the username I wanted. Darksider. I have been known as Darksider, ever since.

"How do i put 15 years of best-friendship into one quote? Can't be done."
A. J. Dinardo

Why DarkJamie? Many years later, several of my New Jersey friends got live journals, and invited me to join. Someone heathen stole my name, so I had to make a variation. I went with DarkJamie, since most everything computer related in my home is Dark(something). So while almost everyone I knew online (and most offline) knew me as Darksider, my live journal friends knew DarkJamie. Since then a lot of heathens have stolen my original moniker, but I managed to register Darksider Digital for my website. I just never used it for anything but junk until now.

"Jamie is one of the most intelligent, sincere people i have known for over ten years. I would trust him to help me with anything!"
Becky Lynn McCarter

My biggest hobby is and always has been Star Wars. I have a rather large collection of figures, posters and other collectables. I first saw Star Wars in the theater when I was 5. It had such an impact on me that it became part of who I am. My user names are Star Wars related, my computer themes are Star Wars related. I've even considered Star Wars tattoos, but not quite sure I want to go that far. I've been to two Star Wars conventions. The first was a non sanctioned small con called The Men Behind the Mask. That was so great. I got to meet many of the actors from the original trilogy and take pics and get autographs. The second was the first official Star Wars Celebration in Denver just before Episode I - The Phantom Menace came out. You can see a few pics from both events in My Sights.

"I remember the first time I met Jamie at the Rainbow...we hit it off instantly and knew that this was a friendship that would grow and last. I will always cherish the birthdays we have spent together, the heartfelt talks (even if the truth hurts) and the times we have spent together. Love ya Jamie!!"
Tracy Kiefer

My second biggest passion... I'm a Mac head. I love Apple products. Having used Apple computers since I was a kid, my first Mac was a PowerPC 9500 "Tower of Power" with 2 - 17 inch monitors and a butt load of peripherals. After that I got my PowerBook 1400 laptop. Those lasted a long time, but eventually I upgraded to my current machines. Dual 1.8ghz PowerPC G5 and 2ghz G4 PowerBook. I also have a second generation 20gig iPod and an awesome 3Gs iPhone. Soon to be added to the arsenal will be a shiny new iPad. :D

"Jamie is Effin' RAD!!!! I never thought a KNAC chat in Cali would bring a friend for life to the East... Though we don't get to see each other much at all, he is one of the warmest bestest people I know. When you find good people you keep. I cherish all his kind and WISE words always."
Christa Bell

OK, so we've covered Metal, Star Wars and Macs. Hmm what else is there?

You may encounter nude sunbathers beyond this point. I think everyone should live naked and enjoy life to the fullest. I encourage naked activities and pleasures to everyone I know. I enjoy spending the day at the nude beach in Sandy Hook, which is the largest nude beach on the east coast. Unfortunately, since it's in the north west, we only get a few months in summer to enjoy it. I think California should lift it's anti nudity laws on certain beaches up and down their coast. My motto in life is "Enjoy being you." Remember, you were born naked. Enjoy it while you can.

I suppose I could write more about me, but I think I'll end this bad novel here. If you want to know about my views on religion or politics, feel free to click on those links. I put them on their own pages so people could opt out. :D