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My Thoughts About Taxes
Written by: Darksider
1:56 AM - August 8, 2012

With all these bullshit attacks by the liberals in government, against Mitt Romney, I've been thinking about a few things. First, the hypocrites on the left slandering Mitt Romney about his taxes, when so many of them haven't paid their own, is ludicrous! Those same hypocrites still won't ask Barry to unseal his college transcripts. Meanwhile, millions of tax payers like you and me, are bullied into paying our taxes RIGHT NOW. You MUST pay us, or we'll raid your bank account and take it, and if that's not enough, we'll liquidate your assets and properties. Meanwhile, good ole Barry and company, keep spending obscene amounts of your money.

So here are some of the things I've been thinking about lately.

I'm for a fair tax. Say (for the sake of argument) 15% tax for EVERYBODY. Everyone gets the same rate. It's equal and fair.

NO deductions. No special breaks. No deals. Nothing. Everyone pays the same rate, regardless of how many kids You have, or how many people you employ, or how much you donate to a corrupt politician. NO deductions.

Politicians should NOT be able to seal their records. They should have to pay their taxes on time, or be removed from office, and face the same penalties that everyone else does.

Churches should not be exempt. That means ALL religions.

Indian reservations (rich ass casinos) should not be exempt. How long can white guild be taken advantage of?

And I'll tell you this… With ObamaCrime in place, good ole Barry has hired 150,000 tax agents to collect his "tax" (not a penalty) for those who can't afford health insurance. Am I the only one who sees this as his personal goon squad? The IRS has the power to take your money and possessions and put you in jail, and this man just recruited a new SS army to do just that. I wouldn't be surprised if they wore tall shiny boots and red arm bands.

This is going to get much worse. Come 2014, we're going to see a lot of turmoil in this country. I weep for the future.

New Years Eve 2011
Written by: Darksider
6:27 PM - January 2, 2012

It's been ages since I wrote here, so I figured I'd talk about New Years Eve. Living in NJ, I missed so many things out here. NYE being one of the biggies. Now that I'm back, it was awesome to have our NYE party again. Loads of people, lots of festive drinking, bit of naughtiness and boobies (as it should be), and a few new friends. Lost my glasses while playing high school in a closet. Found them in pieces. Drank Sweet Tea Vodka all night, with Fire Whiskey shots. Met a really rad girl. Hoping to see more of her. Didn't sleep all night, then watched football all day the next day and ended the weekend with BBQ steak and tri-tip. Drove home and got in at 12:30 in the morning. Love my dear friends. Glad to see everyone. Was definitely a great start to 2012.

San Diego = Home
Written by: Darksider
5:10 PM - May 24, 2011

It's been ages since I wrote anything here, so I might as well talk about moving home. Yup, I actually, finally did it. At the beginning of April, I had the very expensive movers pack up my shit and store it, while I drove across the country. The day I left, it was a fucking blizzard, and my truck doesn't have heat. I was driving with the windows down, winter coat on over hoodie, and a big blanket over my legs. I froze my balls off!

Along the way, I stopped and saw my dad and sisters in Pennsylvania. That was rad. I miss them tons. After that, I trudged on to Ohio, where I saw my step dad and his wife. Had a real nice visit there, then after breakfast the next morning, I continued on to the west side of Ohio, where I met a gamer friend from Warcraft. That was bad ass. We've been raiding together for years, so it rocked meeting him in person.

After dinner, it was on to Indiana, where I was supposed to see an old friend, but that didn't work out. Continued on to Southern Illinois, to meet some special old friends, Tina and Joyelle. Hadn't seen them since I left San Diego after high school. It was amazing seeing them. I wanted to stay a few days, but my brain was focused on the drive, and I still had more people to see.

From there, I hooked a left and drove down to Arkansas to see a MySpace/Facebook friend, Hollie, whom I've known for years. Met her kids and had dinner, then continued on. Next stop: Oklahoma City, where I met another MySpace/Facebook friend named Dwayne. Had lunch with Dwayne, then headed on down to Texas, where I met up with good two totally awesome people from the old KNAC.COM chat room. Becky and Michael (RXGirl and Dirge). Boozed it up with them all evening, then had lunch, and it was on the road again. Again, I wanted to stay a few days with them, but getting here was on the brain.

From Texas, it was on through New Mexico, and well into Arizona, where I met up with my great friends, KNAC.COM DJ Spyder, and his awesome wife Jessica. Hung out with them and crashed at their place, then drove south to meet up with two more awesome KNAC.COM chat friends, Terry and Rick (POPStar!™ & KNAC.COM DJ Bullwhip). Spent the afternoon with them, then began my final leg of the trip.

I get into California, and it's all great... until I get to the mountains on the San Diego County border. Get to 8000 feet and guess what. You guessed it. Another fucking blizzard!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! I could barely see with all the snow falling. Took 45 minutes to get through it and down the other side. It was pretty treacherous. I got through it, and eased my way to my brother's house, and that ended my trip.

All in all, it was a looooong drive, but I got to see so many great people along the way. Not looking forward to doing it again, so you'll all have to come out HERE to see me next time. :D

Random Stranger At The Diner
Written by: Darksider
7:49 PM - August 1, 2010

Not in the mood to cook, I decided to goto the diner and get the usual. Cheeseburger deluxe on a hard roll with a side of gravy. When I got there, there was a hot girl with her man sitting in a booth by the door, two older women in a booth across from them, and a group comprised of three different generations of girls sitting in a booth towards the back. The waitress said, "Take any seat you'd like.", so me being me, walked back a ways and took a table by the window so I could enjoy checking out the hot girl sitting by the front and also see the only cute girl in the group near the back. Having taken my seat, I instantly heard the trio's conversation. They were Christian and talking about God. Old Girl was a young grandmother. Miss Twenty-something was the middle girl , and the cute one turned out to be a teenager. Alas, there was still the hot girl up front.

Anyway, as I sat there eating my food in my own silent little world, I couldn't not hear their conversation, which went from Young Girl's boyfriend to her phone and how Old Girl couldn't get used to new technologies, to God and Old Girl asking the other two who they would like her to pray for. Young Girl settling on a prayer for her parents, to people and God, and the atheist boyfriend and back to "anything else you'd like me to pray for?" Half way through my dinner, I'd contented myself with not looking at them directly, in fear of being approached about whether or not I have found God. I didn't want to have to say, "God is all knowing. He can't get lost."

Half way through my burger I hear Young Girl say to Miss Twenty-something, "Get your phone, I'm gunna send you something. You can show it to Old Girl." Blatantly obvious, I thought to myself, "Wow, she's texting them something about me? Just like that?" Then they mentioned something about a golden retriever, and that *would have been* that.

Five minutes or so later, I was just taking the last bite of my burger, when it happened. In a flash Young Girl popped up and sat down right across from me and said, "Hi. blah blah blah" Instantly I prepared myself for the God speech, but it didn't come. This strange girl decided to sit across from me and ask me all about me. She told me her name (which I instantly forgot, as per my usual brain shortage) and that she was thirteen, and asked me how I was. I said "O.K." to which she replied in question, "Why just O.K.?" I was polite and talked with her for about 15 or twenty minutes, but much to her annoyance, I wouldn't let her in. She asked me questions like favorite color, if I had any pets, If I had siblings, and if I had a girlfriend or was married. She kept going back to trying to find out what I wasn't telling her, as if she could tell I was troubled, but silent. When she asked why I was so private, I told her "well, you'[re under age, for starters, and I've only known you for 5 minutes, and left it at that. We ended up talking about bands and music and concerts.

At the end of the 20 minutes, my fries now ice cold, Old girl excused herself and interrupted us and proceeded to explain to me that it was God's will that Young Girl came to sit with me because He deemed that I needed someone to talk to, and how amazing it was that God worked the way He does. She introduced herself and Miss Twenty-something (two more names to get lost instantly), and gave reason why they had to leave now, but how it was wonderful meeting me, and how great it was that God has willed Young Girl to come talk to me. All the while, Miss Twenty-something didn't say a word more than "Hello". Before leaving, Old Girl put her hand on my shoulder and said a long prayer for me asking God to look out for me. Old Girl said goodbye with a smile, and just like that, they all left.

I smiled and waved goodbye, and ate a few more fries before leaving. By the time I got home, I thought to myself, "I really don't think that God works that way. He doesn't dangle temptation in the face of a single old horny guy, in the form of an impressionable cute teenage girl, because he needs someone to talk to."

Strange encounter indeed, but hey, it's never a bad thing when someone takes a moment to give you a blessing.

Bacon tastes goooooood...
Written by: Darksider
1:21 PM - July 24, 2010

... Pork chops taste gooooooood.

Some of my friends have heard this story a few times, but I just spontaneously laughed about it again so there you are.

Way back when Pulp Fiction came out on DVD, my friends and I watched it several times. Naturally, we were quoting the movie (and still do) quite often. My favorite being the scene where Sammy Jackson and John Travolta were talking about eating bacon. Back then, we used to play Dungeons and Dragons every friday night after Rocky Horror. We'd ritualistically meet at the D&D room and walk down to 7-11 to buy sugar drinks, candy, beef jerky, and of course, the infamous God Cookies (Entenmann's chocolate chip).

So one day, while buying our nerd fest munchies and quoting lines and generally being stupid, Carl, John and I walked up to the register with all of our goods just in front of some dude. Not paying any attention what-so-ever to the guy standing right next to me I looked at Carl and said "Bacon tastes gooooood", then looke directly into the eyes of the dude standing next to me and said, "Pork chops taste goooooood" with a giant laugh on my face. It took aproximately .000324 seconds for the gravity of the situation to unfold. The dude swelled up, his face turned red and his (lack of) neck grew a whole new set of veins. He looked at me and hastily put his shit down on the counter and walked out.

Jaw dropped and still laughing, I looked at Carl and John who were both standing there astonished as I. The dude standing next to me was a uniformed Teaneck police officer, and I just called him a pig right to his face while laughing my ass off, and had no idea it was even happening until it had happened.

That dude was so pissed off, but there was nothing he could do. I still laugh every time I eat bacon. :D

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