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Hi, I'm Darksider. Thanks for checking out my site. There's lots to see here, so take your time and look around. If you are easily offended by sexual talk, political talk, religious talk and swearing, be warned, I have a bit of a potty mouth and I do speak loudly with my thoughts, ideas, feelings and adventures. :D

As you can see, to your left is My Social Life. My live tweets, updated instantly, along with links to my other social network sites. Feel free to check those out, as each has different stuff. If you're a twitter user, just click on follow and it will take you to my twitter page so you can follow me.

Why Darksider, you ask? Well, I'll explain that in My Story, which is a blurb about me, along with pictures of me. My Sights and My Sounds are the audio visual representation of me, so have a look there too. My Skillz are an assortment of things that I've done, such as iPhone stuff, miniatures painting and stupid photoshop edits for fun.

Interested in the things that go through my mind? Well, then you might like to read my blog called My Sentiments. Here's a few lines from latest entry.

My Thoughts About Taxes
1:56 AM - August 8, 2012

With all these bullshit attacks by the liberals in government, against Mitt Romney, I've been thinking about a few things. First, the hypocrites on the left slandering Mitt Romney ... more